Monday, February 7, 2011

meet me monday!

hi all~

happy monday.....*sigh*

i think i am back to not liking mondays, again....

i am linking up with java for this

1. Did you watch the Superbowl?

2. What is the last book that you read?

3. What is your favorite kind of cake?

4. Do you snore?

5. Do you play an instrument?

ok, lets see,

  1. nope! i fell asleep early.
  2. last book i read, i am currently reading the christmas cookie club....yeesh. i started it in dec.
  3. i love love love chocolate w/buttercream frosting.
  4. i dont think so. but i am usually sleeping so i wouldnt know!
  5. no~i took organ lessons in 5th and 6th grade but stopped and never went back!
i am also a little behind in my 30 day blog challenge so here's a few things with that:

day 9: how i hope my future will turn out or be like:

i just wish for happiness and health for myself and my family.
oh, laying on the beach somewhere would be way awesome as well!

day 10: discuss your first love and kiss.

seriously. my first kiss was playing spin the bottle at a party in 7th grade.
my first love.....some boy in 7th grade (not the same one i kissed)......i guess. yeesh. that
was forever ago!

alrighty i am outy. i have lots o work to do....i am back in the OFFICE today!
have a happy day,
love you.


Renegades said...

Your organ lessons sound about like my piano lessons. Minus a year. :)

Rumtruffle said...

I wonder how many hours have been wasted by people on music lessons, quite a few I would imagine! I love your blog design by the way, colours are excellent.
Helen x
PS If you have a few minutes please pop by an say hello.

Anonymous said...

This Monday was especially brutal. I didn't even drink or anything last night but my allergies are killing me so I got too much sleep. And this was the first Monday I've worked in three wks so yeaaaaahhhh....

I saw that question about your first kiss and was like seriously?? Sooooo long ago! Hope your Monday was marvelous!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Nice to meet you on a are funny. I am going to go look for a way to follow you and see what else I can find..buttercream=yum!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Hi there! Dropping in from MMoM.

I'm your latest Google Follower, by the way. Nice to meet you. :D

I played, too! :D Sorry I'm late. :( Been a crazy week.

Rebecca at