Wednesday, February 2, 2011

gemini....candy hearts..... & another blog challenge!

hi! happy white snow!

well, we got slammed yet again.
is it spring yet?

i am hating winter.

again: PUHHHLEEZE mr. winter:

thank you.

kk, onto goodies:
blog challenge day 7: 
my zodiac sign and do i think it fits my personality!


when i have read the 'description' it totally fits me.
however, i just heard somewhere that the 'earth' is mis-aligned and all zodiac signs are changing???
um, really?
so now it states i am a taurus.
sorry~not buying that.
what happens when the earth/sun/moon realign??
do we have to go back to the original sign?

negative. i am a gemini. always will be.

Geminis are active in the extreme. They love a joke and enjoy silliness. Ordinarily, Geminis want to be smack in the center of all the folly there is to be had. Geminis are always at home performing skits or dancing on the tables or recounting their latest monologue. Born actors and actresses, Geminis may not always invent their own stories, but they sure know how to tell them.
i love being the center of attention. just sayin.....
we are honest here, right?!?

What every Gemini needs is a strong-minded parent or mate to literally force him to complete projects before going on to other ones.

i tend to tackle 379 projects at, yeah....
sometimes 3!

As the Gemini is usually attractive and exudes a special form of magnetism, he is not infrequently drawn to politics. Emotionally, too, Gemini is a performer. On certain mornings he is a moody Hamlet and by afternoon he's an optimist. Whatever he does, he's bound to be the star of the show..

i once ran for class president in 6th grade. i lost.
i guess,  i learned early that i HATE politics......

Because they are so adaptable, Geminis are extremely versatile. They can excel at almost any career as long as it offers a chance to perform- anything from a top drawer brain surgeon to an operatic garbage man.
this is what i love most.....i CAN adapt to any situation
and people for that matter.
i chose nursing as my career, which has truly
allowed me a lot of different opportunities!

want to know more fun stuff about me??? just ask! my life is an open book!
i found this amazing challenge over at
which originally started here,
do you have what it takes to do this? i was thinking about it......but because i am in between
homes, i dont have full access to my closet right now.....
so on that note, i leave you with this fun pic:

doesnt it scream LOVE?

are you celebrating v-day?
what are your thoughts?
hallmark holiday? cupids extra special day?

just wonderin....


Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

We don't go crazy over Valentine's day at my house. Sure I might make a heart shaped treat, set out some heart shaped candy, but my husband a card and maybe a small gift, but nothing is extravagant. We are actually going out to dinner with 4 other friends for Vday this year. It's fun when there's a group!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm loving all of your challenge posts! I'm a sagittarius and I heard that my sign had actually changed to the new 13th sign - which totally freaks me out b/c I'm so superstitious. Actually I was born on 12/12 so I'm not adjusting well with any talk of change!! I may have something fun for your to participate in if you are interested...I'll send ya an email later :)

p.s. I LOVE all of the little embellishments you've made to your site!!

The White Whimsies said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following. I am following you back!