Tuesday, February 8, 2011

talented tuesday!

hello bloggies! hello snow.
about 4 more inches this morning.
part that really pissed me off.....

i let the boy park both his regular car and work car in the garage last night,
so, when i went to leave this morning and opened the gargage and realized i
had to literally shovel mounds
of snow off the car, i was not a happy camper.

i still am mad. do you ever have a morning when you feel disheveled.
like your day
really starts?

thats all i can say.

so you guys know by now i love love love finding new blogs. i wanted to share
some of the talent i found this past week!

ummmm, thus, talent tuesday.....heheheheh....
hang on for the ride....

i know my blog is so crazy. one minute we're talking recipes, one minute break ups,
one minute working out, the next sewing!!!

thats the joy of blogging! you can talk about ANYTHING your little heart wants!

so how bout this adorable necklace:

compliments of

little miss momma!

look how flipping easy to make. i want to make 1000's. yep. 1000's.


ok, this is the coolest girls weekend EVER and is it wrong that i want to do this???

i secretly wish i was part of their fun group!
ok, not secretly. i outright wish i was  invited!!
what an amazing group of girls + 1 baby! oh and an adorable fur ball!

like really???? how cute are they????
girl talk.

much awesomeness.
oh and check out meg's photograpy skills. hollar.

another blog crush....**blushing**

or how bout these adorable headbands:

and who couldnt use one of these flipping adorable cork boards on our desks?

look at those cute rosette tacks! like, really???

it makes me want to make a hundred.....flowers that is....you know my obsession
with flowers:

my somewhat huge obsession w/headbands, earrings, necklaces....as obviously noted above....

just reiterating.

so what are y'all working on these days? please do share!!!

i just love making new stuff.

now if only my day was just a few hours longer...........

peace out, homies.

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Missy Salsa said...

I wish I had more time. I'm happy if I eat dinner at home. Not even at the kitchen table, just somewhere in the house....