Wednesday, September 1, 2010

whewwww hoooooo wednesday!

happy wednesday bloggies!

it's almost time for the lovely weekend, my friends. happy dance...happy dance!
i dont have a lot of exciting pics or news to post.
i am extremely exhausted.
i havent been sleeping. i think a lot of it has to do with stress in my life and i have never
been a big sleeper. you know they say the older you get, the less you sleep?
like, old people are always in bed by like 7pm and back up by like 4am? why is that?

i, by all means think AGE has nothing to do with my lack of, c'mon. i still
think/act like i am in my 20's. ahhhh to be young again.
i have become a benadryl pill popping person. whenever i cant sleep, i take 2 of those babies
and it literally knocks me on my ARSE. not lying. so, yes, i sleep...however,
come morning.....i am a groggy mess.
any suggestions?
i have heard  warm tea, hot milk, lavender essential, nope, i choose benadryl. however
i am all out. oh, and i dont even buy the 'good' stuff. i buy the good old
fashion dollar tree kind. yep. you guys know i love a bargain. even benadryl.

soooo what is everyone going to do for the upcoming loooong weekend?
we have no set plans. we are going to just live by the seat of our pants kind of deal and
see what happens....

we may go see these:

at our local air show. i actually like to watch them practice...and it's FREE!

or i might head over here....

and more....

BEAD PARADISE. literally. that's the name of the store. i just discovered this little boutique of
pure FUN!

and i am quite sure we will get some homemade frozen custard!

doesnt that sound quite delicious?! princess # 1 and i always get the chocolate
covered strawberry sundae to share. (yes, this is a TRUE mom and daughter bonding experience!)
vanilla custard. fresh strawberries. warm chocolate brownie filled with CHUNKS of
CHOCOLATE. hot fudge. whipped cream.
um, one word.
ok, two words.
yummy mess!

anyway, i hope you are all having a fantabulous, amazing, happy week!

enjoy the rest of your day!


Christina said...

you should have a major girly day and make pretty necklaces and then go eat custard. what a fun day!!

terrid614 said...

i think that sounds like a purely delightful, blissful FUN day! xo