Saturday, September 4, 2010

saturday bitzness and home made whipped CREAM!!!

happy day!

i woke up with a smile.
why you ask? (believe me, this is rare.....)
it's saturday.....AND i dont have to go back to workie until
are you ready for this???
whoop whoop!
yes, bloggies. wednesday. humpday.
so that equates to smiles on a saturday morn.

glad most of you liked the halloweenie decs.
i am officially in the 'spirit'...
ok, not like 'spirts' as in ghosts and witches...but the
'spirit' of fall.
today it was COLD outside. the smell of fall is in the air.
princess # 2, told her aunt....'well, it wont be long til my mom transforms
the house into a giant pumpkin.'.....yes.
i cant help it. i love to decorate. dont be a hater,  daughter # 2. you will see
how much fun it is when you are a big girl, with a house of your own.

so i bought some goodies at marshalls today. in case you didnt know....i LOVE bargains.
i shop at thrift stores.
yes. i buy gently worn clothing. again, dont hate. (thats why engineers developed these crazy things
called washers and dryers.)
i LOVE a sale. i will never pay full price for anything. ok. i lied.
coach purses and tiffany jewerly never go on sale. well, i digress. coach outlets have
i shop at ALDI. i shop at flea markets. i shop at marcs.
all of these places are relatively cheaper then regular grocery stores and department stores.

anyway, back to my purchases:

um, yes, friends....7.99! hollar! winner winner chicken dinner!

some of this 5.99 a bag...say WHAT??....which will be made into these:

home made whipppppp cream....doesnt that sound delightful...
see recipe below!

and a few other odds and ends. i could honestly mill around that store for hours. we did.
my sister from LA is visiting so we had a girl's day out. started out with some
yumminess from here:

ohhhhh emmmmm geeee. hands down. best BACON. evvvvvaaaa!
seriously. i am not a porky pig kind of girl. i mean come on, i will eat it here or there....
but i dont LOVE bacon. however,
i WILL eat this bacon. again. and. again.
DEEEELICIOUS! big, fat, tasty, juicy, greasy and downright fattening!
oh, and every 'meal' comes with 3 pancakes. oh, no YOU, yes, i did. :o)
i ate almost all of my breaky.

ok, for that home made whipped cream.

homemade whipped topping

1 or two containers heavy whipping cream.
1 tbsp.sugar.
1 tsp vanilla

this is so easy. once you taste you will not EVER eat pre made topping or cool whip again.

pour one container of whipping cream into cold, chilled bowl. add about 1-2 tbsp. white sugar.
beat with kitchen aid or electric mixer until peaks form. (yes, may take about 4 or 5 mins. on high)....

serve over pie. coffee. hot cocoa. brownies. cake. spaghetti. (LOL. totally kidding. well sort of...depends
on how much you LIKE it)...

p.s. this is NOT a fat free food, nor is it low cal in any way. sue me.

ok, blends, i am outta here. i have a busy night. um, not really but it sounded good didnt it???

big hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm your newest follower via Boost your blog Friday. Love your the layout and graphics. Too cute.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

Marie (hope you'll come by for a visit sometime, I love new followers.)
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