Sunday, August 29, 2010

smiley sunday! things that make you go 'awwwww'

do any of you follow

this is an awesome community for bloggers!
it's all about the blog love.
sharing comments,
visting new blogs and
making NEW FRIENDS! yay!
who can't use some new
remember, blends: BLOGS+FRIENDS!

anyway, i normally HATE, DESPISE sundays. many of you have come to know this. i know it's supposed to
be a day of rest.....however, it seldom is. it has become the day before the start of
the wretched work week.
the day to complete the unfinished business around the house.
the day to get chores done....because in the blink of an eye, its monday morning.
anyway, over here, one of the comments posed a new way to address sundays!

cindy said 'sundays' represent 'new beginnings'......
what a great way to look at it!!! it made me stop for a minute and think, i should be
enjoying every day of the week. regardless of what tomorrow should bring.
what a novel idea! (no sarcasm indicated)
i dwell on tomorrow.....
always. always worried about what will happen next.
i have been really trying to focus on life and not sweating the small stuff...
very difficult for me.
i am always thinking what if....and what about.
so today i am going to start to 'try' to 'like' sundays.
note: i said "TRY"....big step. it will not happen over night....but
thanks cindy for opening my eyes!

ok, on to smiley sunday!
look at this lil guy!
meet mr. dallas.
the newest addition to our family. well....he belongs to princess # 1.

sleeping beauty....

yes, he has a cage while mama is at work. (sorry all you PETA people)'s good for training...

look at that face. look at that tongue.

she adopted him and we think he may have been abused....but he is settling in nicely.

what makes you smile on this LOVELY sunday?

AND what's on your to-do list for this upcoming week? something ya wanna finish, accomplish or just

thanks for reading smiley sunday and enjoy the rest of your day!


Amy B @ Second City Randomness said...

Sundays can be a bit of a downer. And in my case, a day to get everything done that I put off all weekend... ugh.

I hope you ended up having a good one even if it's not your favorite. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Monday. I typically call Sunday ~ Sunday Fun-Day. Just because. I follow SITS - they are awesooome! SO many great supporters out there!! Both of my Boston's are cage trained...actually they love their cage and tend to wander off to just lay it. Hope you have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

I hate Sundays but I've been trying to give myself a pedi and mani on Sunday nights to make it a little more pleasing.

That dog? Flippin adorable!!

Lissa said...

what a little cutie your puppy is! WE have a little yorkie and he thinks he's one of my kids.

Lissa said...

what a little cutie your puppy is! WE have a little yorkie and he thinks he's one of my kids.