Thursday, September 2, 2010

i heart shoes!

so the text from the boy, goes like this:

honey, have you ever heard of louboutin stilettos????
inquisitive look on my face.
my reply:
hello. thats like asking if a girl WEARS stilettos.
um, der.
his reply:
i've never heard you talk about them.
my reply:
well. i am thrifty and i normally do not spend 100's of dolllllarrrrs on my SHOES.
my reply:
how did YOU hear about them? (not normal police talk, i am thinking)
his reply:
i was reading an article on finances, and the top 10 things people 'waste' money on are
louboutin stilettos.
me thinking to myself....doesnt seem like a waste of money. i mean if i had a LOT of
money growing on our money tree out back, (oh, did i mention we have one.....)
then i guess i would be buying


drooling over the flowers on these bad boys.

yes, if i was a spoiled rich girl i, too,  would join the overwhelming amounts of excited girls
wearing these!

do you notice they all have RED SOLES!

his trademark.
a woman's man.

alrighty i am going to dream about new shoes. or get a part time job to allow me this

did i ever tell you i can RUN in stilettos?!?

love and hugs,


Farmgirl Paints said...

Even if I was really rich I don't think I would buy them. They look soooo uncomfortable. The red sole idea was genius though. I see women on tv wear them all the time.

Lindsay said...

Cute shoes...a girl can dream :)

Anonymous said...

RUN in stilettos?!?

Every time I watch Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City do that, I get majorly jealous! NOW I am jealous of you!

I love this back and forth with your man - so cute!

Amanda Weezie said...

Just stopping by from new friend Friday. I am so anxious to check out all your blogs. I absolutely heart shoes as well they are my weakness for sure. Have a blessed day