Thursday, August 26, 2010

are you balanced??

happy thoughts. happy thursday!
while perusing some of my fav blogs, i came across an
amazing post.
not to mention some absolutely amazing photography.....
have i mentioned how much i want a new camera? (side note....)

but back to balance..
teresa over at blooming on bainbridge
has posted some really great points about balance in our life.
i think too many times we go thru life
waiting for happiness,
wishing for dreams,
hoping for 'more'.....instead
of enjoying life to the fullest each day, we always want more.
the days are not long enough, our lists become longer,
we stress over what we feel are our inadequacies.

i am trying to find balance. i want to find that feel good feeling of enjoying
my life to its full capabilities. i want to live with NO regret.
so in 100 years, (because of course i will still be alive, due to
science technology)....
i can look back and reflect.....
saying i lived my life. i did things that made ME and my family happy.

i want to pursue my dreams and put
energy into things that clearly deserve my energies.
and let me know what you think.
feel free to take her button and show the world you are doing
YOUR best to find balance within!!!

life is a wonderful thing.
enjoy it and be the best you can be!

love and hugs,


Teresa said...

Well hello there Sweet Girl!
Imagine my delight when I saw the Balance the Beauty button on your blog!
What a delightful feeling!
Thank you for that!
I am all SMILES!
I am so happy that post has inspired you to seek BALANCE and perspective in your sweet life!
We can journey TOGETHER!
Thanks Terri!
You have made my day so SWEET!
You are a doll~baby!

Lissa said...

yes! let's enjoy life and have balance! Sounds good to me!

Lissa said...

yes! let's enjoy life and have balance! Sounds good to me!

♥Aubrey said...

Great post! And yay for new bloggy friends...i'm glad you found mine :)

Finding balance is key! Each day we want to wake up & enjoy every minute...every second while having NO regrets.