Saturday, August 14, 2010

do you ever question 'why'???

hey bloggies!
i have had a horrible last couple of days.
i just am really questioning god, faith, and so much more.
i believe in the power of prayer, so i hope you can ask god for a miracle for our family.
long story: short version.
my older sister was diagnosed a little over a year ago with kidney cancer. she had a grapefruit
sized tumor on her right kidney. within 7 days of the diagnosis she was minus one kidney.
the good news:  the kidney was confined, no lymph involvement or spread.
fast forward about 15 months.
she just had her most recent CT scan done. sad news.
a very rare kidney cancer has invaded her entire abdominal area and and liver. there is no
form of treatment, other then experimental drugs. it is stage 4, that has spread
everywhere. metastasized from the original site. WTF?
we were told this was a done deal. they got it all. sad part is that she JUST had her
last CT scan 6 months ago: CLEAR. did they miss this? i guess it is very
agressive. we need prayers. i know
this blog is supposed to be happy.
my sister in addition to all of this, was diagnosed 10 yrs ago with MS. so then being hit with
kidney cancer, seizures, etc. she has had a really rough road.
she is one of the SWEETEST people i know. (i know she's my sister)
but she NEVER has a bad word to say about anyone.
please pray for a miracle.
i cant

and i complain about such small things in life. i am a whiney baby if i dont get my own way. i pout

go hug your loved ones. i dont know how much time we have with her and it
BREAKS my heart.

life is



Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

There are no words to say at a time like this...My heart goes out to you, your sister, and your entire family!

Lindsay @ said...

Praying for your family Terri. Hugs.

kristin marie said...

Hey girl, I hope your doing better. I know exactly how it feels so have someone so close to your heart to be sick & you think there is nothing you can do. I went through that with my dad :(
Well there is, be there for her and love her! :) (i know you do but just keep reminding her that way she knows shes not alone)

Just have hope and prayer, there are always miracles. Think positive, i know its hard to keep the positive vibe, but just think about your sister! Its hard but hang in there. xoxo

much love,


Java said...

Hi Terri!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am now following you as well! I was just looking through your posts and teared up after reading this one! I am so sorry to read this! How is your sister doing? I felt so badly for you and your family and your sister for having to go through this. It doesn't make any sense if the CT scan was clear 6 months ago!
I will be saying a prayer for her and hope that everything is ok with her!