Thursday, June 3, 2010

why thursdays are almost as good as FRIDAYS!

well, um, duh! because its almost the end of the work week.....and the weekend is almost here...AGAIN. (really i am not wishing my life away......i just really love my weekends!)

i wanted to just post a few things that make me smile and wanted to know what makes you happy or makes you smile?!?
  1. little baby geese crossing the street with their ma and pa! i dont know why, but this always makes me smile. i love them until they are big and fat and poop all over our neighborhood!!!!
  2. 3:00 in the afternoon on a work day! (that is when i drag myself  jump by leaps and bounds into the office super duper early and can leave super duper early!!!)
  3. a kiss on my forehead from that crazy boy of mine. always makes me smile and feel loved.
  4. a compliment! giving and/or receiving one!
  5. when my oldest calls me her 'best friend', that's not very often, but makes me playfully gleeful!
  6. a run in the park!
  7. the sun shining! (throw in a HOT HUMID 85' day and i am BEAMING!)
  8. the bed made when i get home! (the hubs always leaves after me~so this is nice treat to come home to!!!)
  9. the smell of freshly cleaned clothes! (love that lavender downy!)
  10. completing a new project and having it turn out just RIGHT!!!! whoop! whoop! what makes YOU smile, bloggies??? 
have a super fantabulous thursday night.....when we wake up it will almost be the weekend!! i will definitely BE SMILING!!!

oh, check out this post over at blooming on bainbridge , this will definitely make you SMILE! i know i did!!!



Holly Renee said...

1, 4, and 9 are all up there for me. It's funny because I was just asking this question yesterday or today. My dogs always make me smile. Also, the sun and gardening. Really, the outdoors do it for me. Blogging too! :-D

Amy B @ Second City Randomness said...

I'm a big fan of a good run on the trail or just sitting with the breeze coming into my apartment- perfection! :)

Have a lovely Thursday!

Joyce said...

I am smiling because I am a teacher, and school is out for the summer. I am loving the extra time for blogging. I just found your blog, and I will look around for a while.

terrid614 said...

amy~i love summer breezes as well! the smells of summer are so fun!

joyce~thanks for stopping at dessert or diet! we love visitors!


anniebakes said...

i am your newest follower, love your spunk and spirit, and i too hate capitalizing things!

Elizabeth said...

What do I love? I love those moments when I think, "nothing in the world matters more than this moment." I had one of those moments this past weekend while watching my daughters & hubby build sandcastles at the beach. Nothing else mattered more.

Oh, I also love reading the comments you leave on Bake at 350* - they make me smile :)

Lindsay @ said...

I love text messages from my mom to see what I'm doing, snuggling with my dog before I leave for work, starting to make a pot of coffee only to find P already did the night before, and waching dogs play in the surf at teh beach.

Jessica said...

I read this on a Tuesday...and it makes me wish for Friday! Or at least Thursday! :-D