Sunday, June 27, 2010

smiley sunday!

happy sunday bloggies!! i hope you have all enjoyed your weekend as much as i have!

i started my weekend on thursday afternoon at 3:00! i have a long weekend, and do not have to go back to hell,  i mean, work, until tuesday morn! ooohhh yay! i am loving life. (again, i reiterate...until tuesday morn gets here!)

i started out my weekend running around getting gifts for the birthday boy! (he had a birthday on friday!)....I LOVE YOU, HONEY! you are my best friend and every day is an exciting journey! i look forward to spending many more special days with you!)


 drinkin one of our favorite 'adult bevvies'.......

i did manage to lay by our pool for about a 1/2 hour......however, the sun has not been my friend lately. you are talking to a sun goddess who 'used' to tan in those 'cancer causing' beds.....lay out in the sun until my skin looked like fried bacon. i was always the queen of tan. the browner....the better.....AND if you can believe this one....i actually used to lay, when i was in high school, on top of our garage, on foil, lathered in BUTTER...and wait, thats not it....real lemon juice poured on my hair to get the 'au natural'.. sun kissed highlights. yes, true story. i think i have since learned that 'pale' is in.....or that melanoma is OUTIE.

but, as i was rambling, i still love the sun....but try to be smart about it. i now actually use sunscreen, and have given up tanning beds......but the last two times i have sat outside, i have developed blisters on my chest and tops of my legs. wth? its annoying. i dont know if the UV rays are that much stronger or what. maybe it's just that my poor skin has had, now my friends, i am limiting sunning to a time......

ok, sorry i get off on my tangients....

back to smiley sunday! i wanted to post some pics that make me smile....i am on a smile kick again.....i think i will do this on sundays.....

how can this not make you smile?

i am OBSESSED with sock monkeys has to do with a commercial that's out right now...i think  KIA has a commercial ......where the sock monkey is flipping adorable.

or how bout this???

this was at a little boutique i recently visited! it's a notebook.....but made me smile!

ok, blog land, i don't have much for you on this sunshine filled morning....i wanted to tell you ALL thanks for taking the time out to read my daily ramblings, AND thanks so much for all of your comments! i LOVE reading each and every one of them! it means the WORLD to me! blogging has become an outlet for me and even though i do not post everyday, i really try to keep up with reading all of your blogs! it's an obsession!

enjoy the rest of your day! one last question.....what's on your 'bucket' list for summer? is there something that you want to do, or accomplish before labor day?

love and hugs,


Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

You gotta love a nice, long weekend!!

I'm going to have to think about my summer bucket list...that's a really good question!

Elizabeth said...

yay for long weekends! My bucket list for the summer - besides enjoying my first summer work-free with my little ones - ETSY. I will have an etst shop before September. {Which reminds me...weren't you also doing something w/ Etsy? I'm anxious to see what you have and how you are liking it...}

Pam said...

Glad you gave up the tanning beds. I too am guilty of growing up in the midwest laying out summers on the corrugated metal barn roof with iodine-tinted baby oil slathered all over. YIKES! Okay.....thank goodness my daughter is an esthetician and has way better sense than I did. Enjoy your days off of work! Following along now. Pam @ Sallygoodin

Christina said...

butter?!? that's so funny! never heard of anyone doing that. i bet you smelled good though! haha. like a nice pound cake. :)

happy bday to the hubs!!