Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ugh....that damn carrot cake!

how many times do we say, ok, this is D day....as in DIET and then bam.....we fall to pieces, by like, i dont know......10 am?? um, yeah, lets just pretend i NEVER do that, but truthfully my dear blends.....i am way guilty! i have such good intentions and then BAM. typically its when i get home, after being gone for so long, at that fun place i call hell, i mean work..... that i am ravenous and will consume the first deliciousness that comes my way.....i honestly dont know whats going on with me. i am starving. and eating healthy has not been in the works.

so back to the title of my post....i have a birthday coming up and we rotate bringing cakes in to our department......so need i say more. seriously. (i say that S word, like way too much), but anywhoosies, the cake that was brought in honor of my dear bday was the most sinful, delectable, moist, carrot cake i have ever laid tongue and teeth into. pure heaven.

so needless to say.....the diet has been on the slacking side for um, yeah, day 2 now. ( i swore monday was going to be it.....) but then re - read paragraph 2 again, and you have a repeat of tuesday! yikes. aannnnnddd, i, am for whatever reason, retaining water in my ankles. i have kankles today and yesterday, so god only knows what the H is going on with that. oh, lets see, sugar, sodium, and probably lots more i cant even remember.  i did go to my yoga class today, so i feel a weeeeeee bit  better about the cake....(ok, not that much better).....but kinda!

so, i wanted to share this awesome, easy, delightful 'almost' homemade salad dressing with you. my oldest child who has become quite domesticated AND is learning to love to cook, developed this recipe. i swear it is sooo good, you will love it.

jackie brooke's almost homemade ceasar dressing

1/3 of a  bottle light ceaser dressing
3/4 cup freshly shredded parmesan cheese
4-5 cloves chopped fresh garlic
homemade croutons (see below)
fresh ground pepper
1-2 tbsp dijon mustard
romaine lettuce

mix dressing with dijon mustard. add garlic and cheese. mix well. sprinkle with fresh ground pepper. pour over romaine lettuce. top with croutons.

for your viewing enjoyment!

ok, so i cheated....it was close to freshly grated...cut a busy girl some slack!!!

yes, lovies, these are my 'homemade' croutons.....bake as directed and then add a few extra mins for some extra  crunchiness! cut into bite size pieces......(at least i got the lite version) !!!

i think i put them back in for a little longer....oh and dont forget to flip them halfway thru......for an extra kick, i served with fresh shrimp on the bed of lettuce. super easy peasy and delightfully delicious!!!

ok, thats all i have for you. i have to admit i am insanely crazed by making something and having it not turn out correctly. i attempted to sew a 'shirt'. an easy shirt. did it turn out? um, no. not a happy camper....however, it cost me 33 cents so i can use the material for more flowers, duh.....but i am going to have to try it again. whatever. i dont claim to be martha stewart. however, it does make me a little angry. i strive for perfection. sort of.

have a super fantabulous hump day tomorrow!



Amy B @ Second City Randomness said...

Work is the worst for diet sabatoge! I'm not even hungry and if there are sweets in the breakroom, my stomach wants one! ugh..

anniebakes said...

dessert, there's always time for diet TOMORROW!!

Lindsay @ http://pancakesnpajamas.blogspot.com/ said...

My office is always packed with treats. I've started bringing a Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries when I know there may be trouble ahead. I dig in to mind when everyone else is hitting the buffet and so far it's kept me satisfied. Now if it were for my birthday I'd jump on the cake wagon for sure!

She-Fit said...

I'm just like that. . . I eat healthy all day and when I get home it gets so hard. I think it's cuz I finally get home and let go of all the stress of the day... I end up taking it out on food. I've been working to schedule my dinner and snack back to back. It's helped a lot. Good luck and happy birthday

Melanie said...

I wish you had the recipe for the carrot cake. I love it. Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

I say Seriously and Really too much so I know what you mean (Ok....and I say that phrase also) but I never realize how much I say it until I'm typing stuff out. I feel like I need to justify to other people I really do know other words!!

I'm the opposite though, fine at work (ummmm cuz I work with socially awkward people who don't talk) but once I get home, it's been downhill for me. I think with the weather being nicer which eqauls me now wanting to sweat when it's already hot out and me wanting beers.

And I seriously doubt you could ever have cankles!!!

Ok rant done---sorry about the novel :)

Holly Renee said...

Same thing happened to me. I am on a diet and have actually been doing pretty good with it. Well, yesterday the most delicious cake was brought out for a birthday/early father's day celebration. The frosting was divine (and I don't even like frosting). I couldn't contain myself. I guess a long bike ride is in store for me today.

Ashley@thehungryscholar said...

I love your blog. Everyday is D day for me. I'll always eat something bad, and then I'll do the "tomorrow I'll diet" routine.

I had the same issue with Derby Pie on my blog!

Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

All the sweets at work will definitely derail any good eating that I've been doing. It's so hard to turn down baked goods!!!

Sandy said...

Came by to say Hi... and to thank you for your visit today.. "water, water everywhere"..
Read a bit of your "Diet Ramblings" and had to laugh..ahhh, why bother to think diet? Just cut down and enjoy..If I thought about diet all the time, for sure I'd put on the lbs....
Let me go read more of your blog... have a great day!