Monday, June 28, 2010

mac n cheese monday!

ya gotta love comfort food, don't ya??! even when it's 90 and humid. i will never turn down a good plate, bowl of the creamy, gooey, cheesey stuff we call mac n cheese! recipe below.

sooo it's back to workie tomorrow. i am sounding happy, huh?!? it's a lie. a big fat lie. i am trying to fake myself into thinking that it will be fun. lol. (laughing hysterically to myself).....the NICE part about this week, is that A. 4 day work week.....AGAIN! AND, B. i start vacation roughly at 3:00pm on friday......AGAIN. everyone do a somersault and back flip for me! very excited.

today i just did some shopping with those hooligans of mine......

well actually minus the blondie in the middle.....she had way more important things to do like hang with her boyfriend!

the little one (purple sweater girl).....just broke up with her boyfriend like 5 seconds ago. well it seems like it know how young love is....she is heartbroken. she was not the 'break upper', but the 'break uppee' ~and just doesnt get it.....say a little prayer for her. she is really an emotional kid and i feel so bad for her....there is nothing worse then having your child hurt and knowing there is nothing you can do about it. we all told her to ignore double D. (as in dumb DREW)...and he will come lapping like a puppy with his tail between his legs like  ALL  men do. poor girl. huggies and lovies to her. i cant tell you how many times she broke down in big crocodile tears in the middle of shopping today.........

ok, so on to some REAL LOVE. i heart mac n cheese. it is seriously, my fav comfort food and if my hips didn't or wouldnt show it, i would eat it every flipping day. heck, i would probably bathe in it. and lick it off my body. gross. 

this recipe is a sure fire winner. add it to your next pot luck rotation. it is heaven to the palate.....AND the best's super duper EASY. i think all my recipes are easy. seriously. i like yummy stuff that does not require a lot of try it for yourself. let me know how goesies......

monday mac n cheese

one lb. pasta cooked and drained. (we love either spirals or bow ties best!)
1 stick butter. yes. the. real. stuff.
3/4 cup milk
salt, pepper, garlic powder
3/4 pound velveeta cheese ( ok, i buy the big box -in the refridgerator section) and use about 3/4 of this)

spray 9x13 baking dish with cooking spray
pour pasta into baking dish
cut butter into cubes and spread evenly over top of noodles
cut cheese into cubes as well, and spread evenly over top of noodles
pour milk on top of noodles, cheese and butter
sprinkle with seasonings

bake at 350 until top is slightly brown and bubbly....i usually bake for about 1/2 hour.
serve immediately while HOT!



pure deliciousness!

one last note, i just met a new blend! check out  pam's blog!! and see these really cute budget porch ideas! love them!

have a great night blendies! i will be back soon for more of my crazy ramblings!!!



Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

Glad you had a great long weekend and hopefully Friday comes quickly for you!!

The mac-n-cheese looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

A mac n cheese without butter is not a real mac n cheese in my book!! Yum yum yum!!! No matter how hot it is outside, I will never turn down a plate of it. I rarely make it at home since it's just me and I have no portion control when it comes to cheesy pasta.

Dont you hate trying to psych yourself up for work and telling yourself you love your job?? LOL It sucks but yay for a short wk!

And how the hell do you have girls that old? You look soooo young!!

Lindsay @ said...

Heat and humidity don't stop me from heading to comfort food heaven. I can eat it any time of any day!

Val said...

Wow, this sounds and looks great.