Thursday, October 27, 2011

my new bestie!

happy fall y'all.

there i go again with my sweet southern wishful accent!

i mean who doesnt love a girl with a cute little southern twang?!

i swore up and down i was going to keep up with my blogging, so my apologies.
(its apologies to myself, because i know that people are not waiting and waiting to read my posts!)
but anyway, i have been so busy with this little man

whom, i might add is going to get his little boy surgery tomorrow. i am freaking out.
not just like a little, but seriously i am anxious right now
thinking about taking him.

let me tell you this. if you have any stress in your life, feel like you need a bestie, feel
like your pretty much drowning in sadness....


not even lying. this little man, has brought me so much unconditional love and happiness
i can not even begin to tell you.
he is a living teddy bear.

and the best part:

he is so forgiving.
he doesnt lie.
he doesnt yell at me.
he doesnt scream because he is missing a sock.
he doesnt get mad at me because i left a peanut butter spoon in the sink.

he is outright the BEST thing that has happened to me in a very long time.

now, let me reiterate.
he is a LOT of work.
puppy classes, potty training, etc. but it is SO
worth every last darn second.

he has become my life and has kept my sanity.

thats all i have for you.



Tiffany said...

OMG that face! I wouldnt want to leave the house each day if I had him looking at me. And you know I think dogs are the best! I cannot agree enough how they give you unconditional love no matter and are always happy to see you. I miss my Linky :(

Melissa said...

What a doll!!! I am so glad your little man is bringing you so much happiness! Thanks for the sweet support. YOU are a ray of sunshine to me!!! XOXO

Elizabeth {sunny bug} said...

Hey there! I saved this post in my emails as a reminder to check back to see how you are doing! I hope all is well and life is treating you great! We have some catching up to do - but I don't want to leave a novel on your comments :) I have some time off over Thanksgiving, so I'll send you a crazy-long email later. p.s. That cutie pup is too much! My dogs are cute/ugly and 99% of the time STINK! lol ttys - Liz