Friday, July 9, 2010

happy thoughts on a rainy friday!

helloooo bloggies and friends!

it's rainy and friday in cleve town. normally i would be sad that it's pouring kittens and puppies, however, our grass is D-E-A-D. seriously like yellow dead. the boy is one of those crazy lawn people who takes pride in having one of the nicest, plushest (is that even a word?), greenest lawns.....but with the heat being in the 90's and no rain, makes for an incredible amount of dry, brittle, yucky GRASS!

ok, computer techies. HELP! i am trying to do some new stuff with the blog. one being 3 columns. yikes. liz, over at sunny bug has a tutorial link up and apparently, i am not sure of what version to use with my template....there is one called called minima....rounders....arrrgghhh...i got the one to sort of work, but i dont know how to change the columns.....then i am trying to download new fonts and my piece of crap, wonderful computer will not allow me to do this. anyone have any tippies to help a somewhat dumb blonde,  computer illiterate girl out? i keep getting either an error message OR unable to open files. c'mon peeps, this is not rocket science here.

what is everyone doing for the weekend? we are (well, i mean the boy), is organzing a 5k race tomorrow. neither of us are running because we, (yikes, there i go again....)(he) has to be able to do all the behind the scenes fun stuff. this race is for jp's friend who was killed in the line of duty 3/15/2010. the race will generate funds that will go to a police memorial scholarship fund for police officer's children. read all about it HERE.

rest in piece are missed by many many people.......

i just realized i am having flight of ideas. i have discussed grass, computers and weekend plans in like 30 seconds.....i think because i am overwhelmed with the second topic.....i HATE when i cant get something to work....

ok, soooo i wanted to share my latest creation. no~etsy shop is still not unveiled. do you ever wish the day was longer? do you ever wish you had just an extra hour? even though we have been on vacay this week, i feel like i got NOTHING accomplished. a few small things like these, but for the most part, not nearly everything i wanted to......

let me know what you think:

it's a yellow BEACH go with my yellow polka dot bikini. um, kidding about the yellow bikini!

up close for your viewing pleasure. yes.....MORE of those darn,  i mean precious flowers!!! ( i told you i was obsessed with them!)

ok, i have to jump in the shower. um, yes, it is almost 1:00pm and i still havent showered. please let me know your fun weekend plans and any and all techie help would be oh, so, so, greatly appreciated!

sorry for flight of ideas.....think happy thoughts!


Christina said...

that is a cute bag!

that's nice they are doing a 5k to honor him.

hope you have a nice weekend and get everything accomplished :)

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Cute beach bag (for any bikini)! Sorry to hear about the loss of an officer.

Glad you found me~ stop by for "sweets" anytime;o)


Elizabeth said...

Happy weekend to YOU! Ok, so about the 3 columns: in Blogger, you have to be in minima (I have a blogger template that I use from an outside designer). So first, switch to minima. You can then hunt around for a design (although the one you have is cute...LOVE the pink!) Go here: or Cutest Blog on the block (I think that's the name). Pick your blog design and download it into the html blogger thing when you are in design mode. Then...that's when you can try out the 3-column tutorial. {This step took me a little bit, but once I started it wasn't too hard - I promise!} Hope this helps...

Elizabeth said...

Oh, one more thing...I found some really cute fonts here: and she even posts some tutorials for downloading them to use in your blog. I did attempt to do it once but it was quite labor intensive so I gave up. I may try again soon. In the meantime, I picked the font I liked and went nuts creating a new logo and "sunny bug tagline" - so I posted that instead {I love instant gratification ;)) Good luck - keep me posted with your progress and seriously if you need anything, send me an email :)

Anonymous said...
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