Thursday, July 22, 2010

ahhh! friday eve!

well hello bloggies, blog land and blends! it seems so long since i have posted ANYTHING. i could be a dork and apologize, BUT  a GOOD blogger would never just leave her bloggies hanging for 2.5 weeks, now would they??? but you see, i am a dork and i truly do apologize. this crazy thing called life has just been so busy that i have ignored, forgotten,  just been lazzzyyy about blogging. well, not really lazy, just doing things around the house and family things. we have been over inundated with baseball and now soccer has begun..... baseball season is finally wrapping up but seriously, it's CRAZY. i have seen my fair share of little league games. soon, more fun stuff like football and 2 and 3 soccer games a week will invade our schedules.
i did have computer issues (my monitor D-I-E-D) car needed new brakes, rotors, oil change all in the sum of just under 700.00 and work is busy. (but as i always say, i am not complaining about least i still have a job!....that i hate,  er, i mean LOVE! (it's really not bad....) i have a new boss who is a good friend that i love, so super pumped about that!

ok, i am rambling....i hope all of you have been busy filling your summer lives with fun, exciting, super faaaannntabulous things! i would love to hear what y'all have been up to?! what's your fav summer activity?

that boy of mine has to work this weekend, so i think we may have a somewhat lowkey few days. i have a birthday party for my nephew and that's about it! looking forward to some rest and relaxation.

ok, besides wanting to know what fun stuff you have been doing, i also want to know how you find time to read all of your fav blogs??? i am finding it so hard to keep up with my own, let alone read all the exciting things in the blog world??? how many blogs do you follow? i have so many favorites! i always stumble across new ones, which makes my list longer.....

i want to try my hand in the next month at this:

hand stamped jewelry.....has anyone tried?? i love lisa leonard designs....her work is amazing!

and i would like to attempt these for a labor day cookout????

i know the pic is jaded and blurry...but arent they adorable??

i have to run to frost some baptism cookies, but i pinky promise, i will be back.....SOON! i have a delightful pumpkin turkey sausage soup recipe i made tonight....(yes, i know its 90' outside, but it was a craving.....LOVE IT!)

big hugs, and lovies,

p.s. (i won a giveaway, i will be back to brag about.....thank you GUSSY!)


Elizabeth said...

Happy Friday Eve...sounds like a busy summer you've been having. Mine - more low-key...intentional low-key. Well, we live across the street from a lake, so that's where we can be found :) Oh, I was hired to make a ton of cupcakes for a baby shower this weekend...looking forward to that!

Blogs: I follow quite a few...but the ones I follow I LOOOOVE! I'm participating in a 31 day blog challenge with SITS {Secret is in the Sauce} and its all about blog stuff...that's been keeping me a little busy - but good busy (inbetween kid stuff of course!)Oh and I started a Sunny Bug facebook & twitter site {sigh}

That's all for now...have an awesome weekend! ~Liz

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Cute cupcakes! Enjoy your summer!

Lindsay @ said...

I'm having the same problems keeping up with blog life and life life. Things get so busy that I simply can't keep up. I tend to catch up on my reading on Sunday mornings while the house is still quiet. Those cupcakes look so fun to make. I'm going to take cake decorating classes in August! Woot Woot!