Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th of july blog land~and a smiley sunday!

happy 4th america!

i am so excited to be heading over to my mama's a wee bit later for some of her yumminess! (the sad part is that there is usually NOTHING healthy on her menu.....EVA. she rolls old school, cooking with real butter and drowning in  FAT. oh well! it's a holiday. back on track tomorrow!

we started out the day with a morning little league game. (jp has 3 wee ones. i dont think i have ever shared that).....well, they are not so wee anymore. they are 10,9 and 6. his middle was in a baseball tournament this weekend and sadly for us, they lost. boo hoo. (well, actually i am elated because we would have had to sit thru another game in stifling 97 degree HUMIDITY.) needless to say,  bad hair day for me.

we went out to watch some fireworks last night and stumbled upon this beauty!

i love watching the sunset! we may or may not have snuck some corona lights into our cups! ('s legal if nobody knows!) sealed with a lime. (i packed a little cooler complete with lime wedges to watch the fireworks.)

what else is making me smile today?

HIM! i am so proud of him. he had to work for a few hours today.....and i always get a little butterfly in my belly watching him walk out in his police uniform! handsome boy! but it is so hot here and i know this is not one of his favorite jobs....but the money is really good~and it's only for a few hours....(suck it up soldier!) we will be on our way soon to more fireworks and yummy drinks and food! xo

these also make me smile:

i am still on the flower making kick. in fact i made the cutest black headband to wear out last night and i apologize for no picture.....but it flipping broke already. i cheated and used an old headband and it must have been brittle when i wrapped it, because not even half way thru the night. bam. i was so angry, cuz it was so darn cute!!!

but these kind of real flowers can make me smile too!

i hope you are all finding yourselves enjoying things that make you smile on this smiley sunday! enjoy your holiday and LONG weekend! be safe!

hugs and lovies,



Paige (Two Runners And A Brown Dog) said...

What a great post! I love Corona and lime too...the perfect summer drink! This post made me smile!!!

Lindsay @ said...

Happy Fourth girlie..although a day late! That picture of the two of you is so cute. Corona is such a summery brew. Definitely refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously, what's your moisturizing regime? I don't understand how you two have girls the ages of your daughters so I am convinced you gave birth at 10!!

That sunset is absolutely gorgeous and I love your school of thought that it's legal if no one knows. I *may* have done the same in NYC this past wknd with red bull and vodka :)

Middle Name Marie said...

It is always legal to enjoy a corona and lime! Haha! One of my favorite summer drinks! Happy late holiday (although, I guess we are actually closer to next weekend, so have a good one of those, too!)