Wednesday, April 14, 2010

scream for ICE CREAM sammies!

wowza. can you believe you are getting two posts in two days?? yeppers. lil ol me is on a roll. i find it amazing how many amazing blogs i have stumbled across. its amazing how a stop here, will take you here, and then over here.

or how bout these wonderful tutorial/videos for all you sugar cookie FREAKS, as i consider myself. check out this,  karens cookies. if any of you make rolled sugar cookies, this is by far the greatest invention EVA. seriously. this site is the shiznizzle. or how bout a super CUTE fun tutorial on a piece of jewelry....hollar : fun rings HERE!

i seriously get so excited when i truly see all the talented people out there, who are actually willing to share their creativity with the world. so excited. to the point of peeing my pants. um, not really, but sort of.

anyway, upon navigating thru blog land i stumbled upon this beautiful girl who has some of the most amazing recipes i have ever seen. you will be lapping your computer screen i promise. and she posts almost every DAY. her blog is entertaining and filled with holy yumminess. her name is jessica and you can find her
here!! you will also find the ice cream sandwich recipe which i have now made twice and they disappear faster then a magic act. not kidding.  jessica was my inspiration to make these and they are super duper fun....and super duper cute. oh...super duper yummy also!

mini ice cream sammies

one package pillsbury break and bake chocolate chip cookies (you could also use your own recipe, but these are so quick to make!) and bake per directions on package.
vanilla ice cream
sanding sugars or sprinkles in various colors

place cookies in freezer when done baking. (key part)
when cookies are done in freezer. i left in for only about 14.27 mins. (lol. kidding) i left in for like 15 mins.
take a cookie and spread a layer of vanilla icecream about an inch thick. also i put my container in the micro for like 20-30 seconds. this makes it easier to scoop and spread.
top with second cookie. smooth edges of ice cream around cookie sandwich.
roll in various toppings. i always use bright sanding sugars, because i love how they look. you can go crazy and use sprinkles, jimmies, really anything!


heres a lovely pic....dont salivate on your desk. or have a napkin handy.

i left them on the cookie sheet as i was making and that is what those awful 'shadows' are, from when i baked them. these are so EASY and so delish. thanks, jessica! you ROCK!

enjoy your evening, homies. i hope everyone has their TAXES i dont.) call me last minute LUCY!


Lindsay* said...

mmm yummy!! those look so fricken delicious! today is dessert and not diet. :)

Autumn @Good Eats Girl said...

I just stumbled across your blog today! Love it! I'll definitely be visiting!

LOVE the ice cream sandwiches! They look wonderful! I love the bright colored sugars you used, so summery!

Elina said...

I need to make some ice cream sandwiches asap. Love the super bright sugars!! :)

Lindsay @ said...

What a cute blog!! The cookies are adorable! So springy!

Erica said...

Those little sammies are adorable! I love more bite sized desserts. Great blog layout :)

The Vamp Tramp said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I need one of those, like, now. Sigh.

Haleigh said...

Oh wow.. those looks absolutely amazing! I think I need one ;) Yep, sure do.

Anonymous said...

OMG. You are officially the devil woman for posting those!!! I need to have one of my friends make those and keep them at their house just so I can have one and then leave lol

Hope you're having a fabulous wknd!

Jill said...

Oh my gosh, yum-O! I'm totally going to make these in green for my son's birthday party!

Andrew's Mom said...

I'm going to make them too for my son's birthday coming up in a couple months. Thanks for your kind words about "Uncle George".

Aurora said...

I love these! Ice cream sammies are one of my faves! And these are just oo stinking cute!