Sunday, April 11, 2010

i'm so proud!!!

hello bloggies! i am on cloud nine.....i am super duper proud of the middle daughter. are you ready for this??? she rode her bike over 160 miles over 3 days! yep. almost 200 miles. hollar! she participated in a fundraising event to raise money for special needs children through the miracle all about it HERE!!!!

in addition to the bikers, there is a dance marathon held at the bowling green rec center where dancers literally dance for 32 hours non stop. the bikers are then greeted at the end of the fesitvities where they are joined on stage by their chosen child they have helped raise money for.

here's the little princess at the start of her outing:

um, yeah, not sure whats with the swirley cues thingys coming out of the helmets.....but they were pumped. i think this was after 26 miles.....whoop whoop!
i had a cute video but d/t my technology inadequacies....i have no idea how to upload. der. de. der. (have to work on that)......

but here's a few more pics! (um, yeah....i am sooo proud!) ~she is the one on the leftie!

so there ya have it.....over 100 bikers, raising over $$30,000 for the miracle kids network.....NOW, thats a statement!

on a side note, this child of mine..who i might add is the 'middle' child is such a sweetie. this is the same girl who takes one day a week to visit a nursing / assisted living home to give manicures to all the little ladies.....she works as a 'lil kickers' soccer coach to 2, 3 and 4 year olds. she is a bud light promotional rep, was just elected director for the university activity organization, and was just offered an internship with ESPN! i could not be more proud to call this child my own.....of course we know where she gets these endearing qualities from.....WINK! WINK!

happy monday EVE everyone......i have a super yummy treat to post....but i am craving my blankie and bed! sleep with angels,

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Paige said...

Wonderful all the way around!!! :)