Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy easter EVE!

tis the night before the bunny comes! hip hip hooray. truth be told, this is probably the holiday i like the least.....i am not sure just doesnt appeal to me for whatever reason. i get that its a religious holiday and being raised in a christian home, i get that i should be thankful for this holiday and god bless my very christian mother, whom i am quite sure prays that all of her ducklings will be at church on easter morn!

we celebrated easter tonight at mama P's house. let me tell you this. it. is. always. crazy. over. at. my. moms. there are 5 of us sibs, and we are each our own characters. i swear, not lying, i am a child of the do not act, look, think, or anything else like any of my family. i swear, i was switched at birth. i am one of those babies, who was switched in the bassinette at the hospital. i just know it. at least thats the story i am going with. for now anyway.

anyway, full easter spread at mom's house. baked beans, ham, german potato salad, seven layer salad, rolls, jello fruit salad, sausage, bratwurst and rice of some type. banana cream pie and carrot cake for dessert. i feel like a stuffed piglet. and NOT ONE single pic to show as evidence. bad blogger girl. i was consumed with all of that food that i completely forgot to take any pics. oh well, imagine a feast of fat and that is what you will see!

onto more exciting adventures: through blog land i have found a wealth of great bloggers. seriously, peeps. there are some way funny, entertaining bloggers out there. one i happened to stumble upon is this adorable girl : simplyshaka  i love reading about her day to day activities, the food she prepares, etc. etc....anyway, i was tagged to answer some fun questions, so here we go:

who is your style icon?
  • honestly, this was tough......i love anything from way funky, to something more classic like a j crew look......i dont necessarily have a person whom i can say, THIS IS WHO I WANT TO BE! (or dress like!).....i love a good bargain though, and never pay full price for anything! i LOVE thrift stores!!!
what is your favorite book?
  • the secret. read it. love it. live by it. (this is all about the power of positive thinking)...i am getting ready to re-read. sooo good!
what is your favorite party theme?
  • i love ANY party. as long as there is yummy food and some kick ass cocktails. i love holiday partys. i love getting all dressed up in shiny sparkly outfits and just socializing around the christmas tree!
favorite outdoor activity?
  • living in cleveland, our summers are so short. winters are so long. blah. when we can be outside, its usually hanging at the pool, we love running in the metro parks, and hiking. i love to garden and love the sun!
something you can not live without?
  • love! and my girls and JP. if anything happened to any of them i would DIE.
living person i admire?
  • JP~i am so proud of the work he does everyday. i admire his determinedness (ok, thats not a word...sue me.....) but his strongwill personality and the life he has made for us by working so hard. working extra jobs to be able to afford the finer things in life. refer to question above. i cant live without him!!! xoxo
greatest fear?
  • dying in a plane crash, or having something happen to one of my girls.
go to favorite meal?
  • probably anything pasta. or just plain noodles with butter, olive oil, garlic powder, sea salt and parmesan cheese. yummo. yes, i am a carb WHORE.
what talent would you most like to have?
  • i wish i could handle the negative things people say about me, with a more roll off the shoulders kind of attitude. i tend to let things bother me way more than i should, and in the whole scheme of things, life is just too short. i guess this is not a talent.....talent wish, well, i would like to be able to do yoga where i was so flexible, that i could tie myself into an auntie anne's pretzel!
greatest achievement?
  • raising three beautiful daughters who have turned out remarkably well considering they come from a divorced also, my nursing degree. i worked damn hard to get those initials after my name.....(should have been a teacher so i could have summers off!!!)
so there ya have it! you all know just a wee bit more about me! i am not an exciting chick by any each day to the best i can, and am learning to appreciate what i have right now instead of always wishing for more, or what i dont have.  what do y'all wish for? are y'all content with your life? just curious!!!

nighty night blog world. xoxo

p.s. i hope the bunny delivers everyone tons of chocolate and jelly beans. black ones. (i LOVE black jelly beans!)


Anonymous said...

Yay for your answers-I love learning more about everyone! And thrift stores rock, I don't know how people DON'T go to them but oh well more for me:)

Hope you have a fabulous Easter!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi - I thought I would check in with you...thanks for following Sunny Bug World. I was reading this post and cracking up about you and your siblings - sounds like me and my sisters!! I'm following now too... can't wait to read more! ~~Liz

Anonymous said...

Hey, found you through SITS, love your blog, especially the name! great answers, i totally get the nursing degree, i feel the same about mine!

S.I.F. said...

I think raising 3 beautiful daughters is one of the best accomplishments anyone could achieve!:) And I so miss the big easter spread. I love living away from my chaotic family, but I do miss big holiday meals!