Wednesday, October 31, 2012

sandy....go away....

hey all! i hope your week is off to a grand ol start!
mine has been quite crazy.
we are battling the winds and rain of sandy the hurricane.
i just wanted to pop on and just say
i am thinking of everyone during this craziness.
i hope that all of you are safe and warm and free from
the wrath of this storm.
while listening to the news the past few days, i can not believe
what mother nature is capable of doing.
my heart truly goes out to everyone on the east coast who is without heat, a home,
or lost a friend, relative or even a pet in this madness.
i wish them all strength and blessings to see light at the end of this.
i awoke at 1:30 tuesday morn, to a HUGE tree branch down in my front yard,
my fall wreath missing from the front door, the gutters hanging off the house
AND my electrical box ripped off the house, oh and a LIVE
electrical wire in my front yard. my internet cable was out, and
luckily for us, we had heat and power. many people in the area are still without.
not fun on any day, or halloweenie either.
so here is to everyone being safe and sound and enjoying your last day of october.
and just a few pics for you...
i have never seen anything so crazy before...




i think we all get safe, warm and hug your loved ones and
be thankful for everything you have!

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