Saturday, October 27, 2012

rainy saturday!

hi friends!
yikes, it has been such a long time!!
i hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
we are all good here, thankfully!
just enjoying our little lives and trying to prepare for the upcoming holidays.
oye. after halloween passes, you know how quickly
the holidays approach.
i am a lover of all things holiday tho. i stinkin cant wait to decorate the house, the mantle, buy the
christmas tree. so much fun!
but before we get into all that, let's just say happy halloween!
is anyone dressing up as something fabulous this year?
i am not. i seriously love halloween, but i have been so busy with
everyday life that i have not even had time to think about it.
it is raining and cold here and all i want to do is cuddle on the couch with the
fireplace crackling, drink hot cider, and snuggle with the fur balls.....
life. is. good.
leading into this holiday season, i just want to share my sincere thank you to the universe and god for
making some of my dreams come true!
i quit my yucky old job.
i have some really great projects in the works.
my daughter and i have been EXTREMELY busy doing
i am truly just enjoying life. and the most important thing:
i am happy. like crazy happy.
so many times we get caught up in the hum drums of life, we forget
what true happiness means. or what it even
consists of....but it is such a GREAT feeling.
i guess, what i am saying, is dont sweat the small stuff.
everything happens for a reason (whether good or bad, unfortunately), enjoy life
to the fullest. every stinkin day.
tell your loved ones you love and care about them.
when you open your heart up to new things, ideas, etc. you will
see how everything just falls into place.
i also have to share a secret with you.
i have been listening to a positive affirmation cd. by
louise hay.
life changing.
and can i tell you when  you truly do this and practice this with heart and sould
it really DOES work.
find her here:
(you can also find a lot of her material on amazon or your local library. you wont be disappointed)
i know these affirmations have been many of the reasons for the positive changes
in my life :)
and just a few of the things we have been up to:
greetings from keeley of destruction :)
princess # 2 ,  keeley and dallas at the monster mutt dash 5k (and yes, keeley is wearing a prison shirt)
 card making and hocus pocus!
pumpkin pie eatin....
princess # 1 digging away!
caramel apples, home made.....yummo
pink party planning.....
and that lovies pretty much sums up the month of october.....
have a lovely saturday xoxoxo

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