Thursday, January 27, 2011

i am tired of snow. seriously.

SOOOO,  i awoke to more flurries coming down this morn. 
furiously, as soon as i reach the work parking lot and have to walk a mile in heels,  pulling my lap top?!?
i mean really, mr. winter?!?
you can stop

thank you.

day 3 of my blogging challenge:

my views on drugs and alcohol.

interesting topic.

so i assume by drugs, we are talking illegal ones. right?!?

i think they are dumb. i could never understand why people feel the need to do this.
but i do not have an addictive personality either.

not that i would be doing drugs if i didnt date a narcotics detective, cuz i wouldnt.....but i
guess i just am not into them, never have been and never will.
i understand that people have things happen and they become 'hooked'
 sheott happens.
they are not for me.

i guess my stong domineering personality helps. i can say no. i dont ever feel 'peer' pressure
to try something that i dont want to.

ok, next topic up for discussion:

i am a social drinker. we like to have some drinks w/dinner (when we are out) we do not
typically drink with meals! (i thought i should clarify).....

i love to hang at a dive bar and drink some cool micro brews.

i love bar harbor blueberry ale. add fresh blueberries to glass for extra yumminess!

i like wineries.
i love cabernet sauvignon.

i love margaritas.
especially chili's presidente margarita! (we have made these at home and can i say AMAZING!)

i think everything is good in moderation.

i have drank too much at one time.
(hey we're being honest here!)
and paid for it the next day.
i dont like that.
i feel like it's a waste of a whole day on a hangover. blah.

so, that dolls, is my views on alcohol and drugs.
i hope i did not offend anyone in any way, shape or form!

do you have an opinion on either topic?!? have you tried drugs?!?
(remember we do not judge.... :o)

have a happy thursday!


Anonymous said...

I loooooooove blueberry ales! My fave is Sweetwater Blue but will have to check that one out as I'm equal opportunity to blueberry beer.

Hangovers suck and they usually take an entire day out of my life so thats a big part of why I dont drink as much anymore.

Sadie Jane said...

Love your your your take on life!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be stopping by yours now!!:) You are adorable!

sheena said...

thanks for you comment! i love getting new blog friends!

we have snow up to our eyeballs! and it's cold! i've about had it with both! i'm SO ready for the sun and green grass!

Elizabeth said...

Well, I do love margaritias but I've never been much of a drinker. I don't like the taste of beer or wine. I guess that means I'm supposed to eat my calories than drink them! Oh and the snow/cold...we woke up this morning to 4 more inches - are you kidding me?!