Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy humpity hump day!

hi blends! (blogs=friends!)

happy wednesday!

we have reached the middle of the week already!

remember when i told you that i was excited to go back to work on mondays now?

well, i am just as unexcited for the weekends to get here. it's like i am faced with
feelings of being completely scared.
dumb, eh?!?
one would think that a girl as myself, who has,  in the past been so self assured, so confident, so many things,
her future
so the anticipation of the weekend would have been exciting and i literally lived for friday to get here.
now, because i am ALONE, i hit panic mode as we draw nearer to friday.
what will i do ALL weekend?

now, i must say that my adorable daughters and friends have made sure to keep me busy.
which i am ever so thankful for, because without them in my life,
i would have clearly hit rock bottom~oye. i sound like a drug or alcoholic!!! yikes.

but ALL of my friends have been there to listen, to carry me thru to the next chapter. xoxo.

anywhosies, i obviously have to rebuild myself, my life, my home. so i am working on getting
everything i need. (it is not cheap to buy a whole new house of furnishings)....
and i find that while shopping, EVERYTHING reminds me of JPW and the times we were shopping
to buy things for our home. ugh. does that go away any time soon?

sooooo, my question to you is this:

leather or plush furniture? we had both and while i thought i loved plush, i fell IN LOVE with our
leather. at first i thought leather was manly and bachelorish....(i know that is not a word)...

(lol...maybe when he wanted leather furniture, i should have read between the lines....)
i always look at 'signs'.....i definitely think when he painted the 'office' navy blue, and i asked why he chose
that color and he said because it was 'manly'....that we were on the downside of the
relationship....) ok, sorry....remember this is my venting ground.

back to leather or plush....


or......a combo of both....
or..... my other decision...i have toyed with the idea of going "WHITE"...
i have seen it on other blogs, other pictures, hgtv, etc....
and i LOVE it! but not sure if i want to 'commit'....(i am in a non commital kind of mood)....
 soooo what ya'lll think??? honest opinions only!

i value ALL of them ever so greatly!

let me know! anddddd enjoy your HUMP day!


Amy B @ Second City Randomness said...

Ahhh... furniture shopping. I wish you the best of luck. :p

I have a dark tan in my place. I wanted to go lighter, but am glad now that I didn't. I don't think it would have lasted long...

Alex said...

I love the first couch!!! With some really pretty white pillows!