Tuesday, September 20, 2011

feng shui or dumb shui?

do any of you follow your horoscope or practice feng shui?
i read my horoscope daily and there are two sites that
i have followed for a while as far as
monthly scopes:

i find it amazing how many times these monthly readings are so dead on.
fyi~my sept. horoscope basically sucked.
it said that i was going to have a horrible end of the month, and
honestly the first half has not been that good,
but for what its worth....it's all playful fun!

so on to feng shui....not exactly the same thing, but do any of you practice?
i found this really cool article and i would like to
incorporate some of these into my morning routine.
usually i am running out of the house like a
crazy woman, but if i allowed just a few extra minutes.....

Instead of just rolling out of bed when the alarm clock goes off and doing the same old thing, try switching up your routine by including some feng shui in your a.m. rituals. This Chinese art of placement has been around for thousands of years. People practice it to bring health, relationships and wealth into their worlds. What you do when you first wake up is essential and can empower you long after you’ve left the house. Five is the number of change in feng shui, so here are five easy steps to follow each morning to help you change the direction of your life
Step 1: The Sun has always represented the purest form of energy in feng shui. It is constant, bringing light and warmth to coax life into living things on Earth. When you first get up in the morning, face the rising Sun, close your eyes, let your arms hang loosely at your sides with the palms facing out, and breathe deeply and slowly nine times for long life.
As you inhale, state a personal affirmation such as, “I am strong. I am healthy. I am one with the universe.” The ninth breath should coincide with a thought of one personal goal for the day. It can be as simple as befriending a new coworker or finally finishing that book you’ve been reading. When you’re done, slowly drink a glass of warm water to begin cleansing your body from the inside out.

Step 2: Wear a color that supports what you want to achieve that day. In feng shui:

Black/blue = communication, career, individual creative pursuits

Turquoise/teal = self-development, academic achievement, knowledge

Green = new ventures and beginnings, individuality, independence, progress

Yellow/gold = partnership, motherhood, marriage

Gray/silver/white/metallics = attracting mentors and supportive people, organization, unity, social and family responsibility

Red = fame, celebrity, completion, harvest, rewards

Peach/pink = romance, love

Step 3: Arranging your cosmetics in a way similar to the order in which the feng shui elements give birth to each other (wood, fire, earth, metal, water, wood) brings ease to your morning beauty ritual, ensuring that you always look refreshed and feel balanced. On your dresser or vanity, line up from left to right: your brushes, lipsticks, foundation/powder, tweezers and nail clippers, eye shadow/liner and, finally, moisturizer.

Step 4: Feng shui and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are directly linked. TCM takes care of the inside of our bodies while feng shui manipulates our external environment. Following a daily routine and the rhythms of the seasons will align you with Earth’s energy. Eat breakfast daily and consume foods that are abundant during each season, especially fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and grains. This helps to regulate your body’s functions naturally and keeps you looking and feeling healthy.

Step 5: Remember that feng shui is all about energy — yours and your environment’s. While you prepare for your new day, enjoy your favorite music to uplift your spirit and attract positive energy to you. The Chinese also apply feng shui principles to the zones on your face, from hairline to chin — so even a small change like keeping your lips upturned in a smile can change your attitude and your destiny. So don’t forget to flash those pearly whites as you walk out the door and into the world!

so there ya have it!
are you ready to put a little feng shui in your life?

in addition to daily prayers
asking god and the  universe for what i want
a little pleasure to my life!

enjoy your day bloggies~

love these words....whoever said them!

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