Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesday tales!

HeLLo BloGWorld!
it is fabulous tuesday!
ok, so really tuesdays are not actually fabulous, but it sounds good, right?!?

 it is rainy and a lil chilly here.
we went from 82 degrees, windows wide open, birds chirping,
to 42 degrees, cold and windy.

welcome to the midwest woes.

at least it's not snowing right?!?

here nor there.
weekend was uneventful.
quick run down.
my WW meeting. i fell off the wagon. so i jumped back on saturday.
7:30. AM. yikes. who in there right mind schedules a date with weight watchers at
7:30 on a saturday morning.
hello. me.

i love the spunk of my 'leader' ....i have tried other meetings and i just love her. she is cute.
a little dorky.
but energizing.
in a bunny sort of way.

then i hung out

if you are ever in the cleveland area.....you MUST try one of michael symon's yummy burgers.

(way to kick start my weightwatchers, eh?!?)

then headed over


for lots  more fun........

like this:

don't you just love that color BLUE?!?

shower curtains w/lots o ruffles!

the 'happiness project'....i want to read this! i actually saw it at target
the other day....
but since i am an amazon kind of girl, i will go in search of it there....
for a WHOLE lot cheaper!

love all the vintage glassware and bowls. i am a sucker for bowls.
yeah. i am nerdy like that.

whooooo do you love?!?
how cute is HE?!?

what did you do over the weekend?
do you shop @ anthropologie?

in reality, i am WAY to cheap to pay their prices. i would much rather
find real vintage goods at a thrift store
or look alikes @ homegoods aka. TJMAXX or MARSHALLS!
just sayin....

you can have all this fun stuff without paying those ridiculous prices!

oh one last note....for all the april showers...how bout these cutie patooties??

Painted Rain Boots {Drab to Fab}

find the tutorial

enjoy your wonderful day, lovies!


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I have a serious crush on the ruffled shower curtains...fortunately I found a few dyi tutorials on the project! Hope your week rocks as much as last Sunday (yep, 83* in MI too!!)