Saturday, March 19, 2011

greatful saturday!

oh hi there!!
thanks for stopping!
i just wanted to let all of you know the things that make me smile.
in the wake of japan's natural disaster,
it's so easy to see how quickly
one's life can
turned upside down.


so random list of what makes me happy and greatful!


my kiddos.
(you knew i was going there, admit it)....
lol. i am a mom.
they make me laugh, cry and everything inbetween.
i am thankful they are in my life.
i always tell people we are a VERY open family. sometimes they share TOO much.
(do i really need to know that you got THAT drunk at the college FRAT party?)
um, no.
but we DO keep it REAL!
i have never been one of those moms, to say, "OH, my sweet lil angel
would never do THAT"...because a. they probably will. or b. they probably

#2. my warm house.
so many people are homeless.
i am blessed.
so very blessed.


if you are taking the time to read this teeny weeny little blog then you are as special
to me as white chocolate raspberry mocha lattes!
i love reading each and every comment you make.
they ALL put a smile on my face
and a lot of times when i am having a bad day,
it's here where i come for comfort!!
(no pressures to comment or anything!)
this blog has become a venting ground and a place where i can
ramble about, well, whatever i am feeling at that moment!
i like that.
not to mention i have made so many friends via this crazy blog world.
it humbles me.


my life. i love that i have a nice life. i love that i have a warm bed to sleep in
every night and a nice little kitchen where i can create
yummy baked goodies. i love my job and the flexibility that
i can work from home, especially when we have
snow higher then my car doors!!
i am looking forward to spring so i can plant my little flowers and sit out in the warm sun!!


there are soooo many things i have in my life i am thankful for. the ones mentioned above
are just a few that make me smile!!
i hope that you have things in your life that make you smile as well.
care to share?!?

k, now i am  off to finish baking.
(i am knee deep in sugar, flower, chocolate and coming soon!)
love your guts,
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1 comment:

Tiffany @ Simply Shaka said...

This is why I love you--because you keep it real!

I was just thinking about how there are blogs out there that I really don'y enjoy that much anymore b/c they don't share that much about their life or make it seem like everything is peachy keen in their lives. I'm sorry but my blog is for venting and I just don't trust it when something seems perfect all the time.

I wasn't gonna leave a comment but felt like I had to

I kid I kid :) Happy Sunday!!!